May 28, 2014

Music Review: Satan Wriders-Black Eyed Kids

     Stockton, Ca continues it's tradition of perfect garage rock. The three dudes in Satan Wriders want to pay homage to garage band greats. They recruit some female vocals on 4 of the 10 tracks 'cause it wouldn't be right to leave those sweet harmonies home on a Saturday night. They got swagger, stomp, screech, wail, reverb, reel-to-reel confusion; it's all here, man. 'Black Eyed Kids' is for parties and lonely headphone-landscape explorations. 
     If they can do Pavement, The Cramps, and Grandaddy proud, there's really no limit to where they can take this band. Pretty soon we're all gonna hail Satan Wriders.

                                                                                                                        The Verdict: 4 Bedpans