Aug 27, 2014

Music Review: Dude York-Dehumanize

     Welcome back, Seattle. I only write such words 'cause I feel like I haven't heard anything worth listening to emerge from Seattle since early last decade. Dude York is perfect mixture of Titus Andronicus (mania/vocal delivery) and Dinosaur Jr (Guitar Hero virtuosity). I mean, seriously, it sounds like guitarist/singer, Peter Richards, could go note-for-note with J. Mascis. Claire England (bass) and Andrew Hall (drums/keys) back-up Richards furiously, capably. It's great to hear another trio that sounds so confident in their musicianship.
     'Sleep Walk' is peppered with tambourine and 'Hesitate' receives a truly amazing horn arrangement, courtesy of album producer, Jose Diaz Rohena. I love every keyboard/piano flourish used on Dehumanize. I love the breakdown in 'Idol'. I love the line, "Even though I'm a nihilist, I believe in getting caught-up." in 'Believer' and how that song's verse-part basically rips-off Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'.
     I'm joyful to know Seattle is starting to bounce back musically and that we may not have to be subjected to the self-aggrandizing or navel gazing that've plagued the Pac NW scene since Grunge's heyday. Dude York and other scene notables (Wimps) are proving fun can still be had in the rain.

                                               The Verdict: 3 Bedpans