Feb 8, 2015

Music Review: Jack Name-Weird Moons

     John Webster Johns, aka Jack Name, can be compared to one Richard Swift, aka Onasis, in that they're both collaborator-extraordinaires whose solo output really shines. These sorts of characters occur more in the hip-hop realm. Most hip-hop artists aren't Aspergers-tinged hermits whose work is too precious to be influenced/touched or just don't work well with others.
     Name's second album, 'Weird Moons', may as well be named DMT: The Soundtrack. From what I've heard about the effects of that particular compound, the trip is just as warm yet strange as what Name has conjured here. There's a whole convoluted narrative connected to 'Weird Moons', shaping (and shifting) it into a concept album. 
     Name knows most audiences won't care for a messy story so it's never emphasized over the groovy tunes. There isn't a learning curve or prerequisite here. Any song is as fine an entry-point, especially for fans of early moogs. If anyone has a horrible bias against synthery, I defy them to not be converted by 'Weird Moons' spell. For anyone wary of kooky psych rock, each tune is ultimately anchored by funky bass lines and translate just as well without all the button pushing/knob turning.
     I already know that 'Weird Moons' will be my 2015 security psych blanket; an ever-faithful companion through my ever-worsening year.

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                                                                                                                             The Verdict: 4 Bedpans

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