May 3, 2015

Girl Power Brief Blasts Featuring: Weather Weapon-S/T, Mommy Long Legs-Life Rips, Try The Pie-Domestication

     Weather Weapon's debut is a strong, by-the-book, post-punk document. Nothing for me to really pick apart here. I'm glad this album exists in 2015 'cause I'm trying to dig deeper than Sleater Kinney this year. And while Weather Weapon are still very green, they're more than adequate substitution for a solid, yet somewhat predictable veteran band.
     Weather Weapon incorporate a sense of slacker boogie in most of the tunes here. It's not just Wire mimicry. I love a loose, fun band. Plenty of early Sleater Kinney and Pavement can be heard in Weather Weapon. So, yeah, if I knew how to skateboard, I'd throw this joint in my Walkman before dominating some concrete. Much like the conspiracies surrounding the HAARP facility, I hope Weather Weapon find a way to make a ton of disturbance this year.

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                                                                                                                             The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

     Seattle's Mommy Long Legs immediately take their rightful place next to Greensboro's Daddy Issues as "2015's Most Fun Bands" and I don't foresee any others cozy-ing up next to them. Life Rips contains the words "fart", "hurl", and "spew" alongside the occasional "fuck" or "fucking". This, of course, is the essential recipe for fun. To top the word choices, it sounds as if all four members chime-in vocally during choruses. Every tune on Life Rips is a sing-along ripper.
     Fun is an aesthetic Mommy Long Legs have mastered. They chose to use a producer (Martin Selasco) who added many aurally pleasing bits to the mix in the way of keys and tambourine. They also commissioned some gnarly album art from Tim Root. I think I've written before that this mostly down-trodden world needs more fun. Here's hoping this band's legs are able to reach any damn where they please. Damn horoscopes and Greek organizations. As Andrew W.K. would say, "Party is priority No. 1"

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                                                                                                                             The Verdict: 4 Bedpans

     One of the highest compliments I can pay any artist is, "Your (whatever) inspired me to (whatever)." Bean, with her solo effort, Try The Pie, has done just that. Maybe it affected me this way 'cause I happen to know her. I don't know her whole story or whatever, but I can't help but listen to her familiar voice on record, stare at the album cover, those daring eyes (all four), Thomas' shirt, and be inspired. What follows are verses spawned from Domestication.

                                                      Letterless words, the
                                                      Miming of them,
                                                      The scissors and glue used
                                                      To reveal the truth
                                                      Are enough. And I'm
                                                      Thankful to those who
                                                      Try instead of being content
                                                      To standby.

                                                      Our time is shared
                                                      As we touch the stones
                                                      Of Invention and Idiocy.

     I don't know, man. Most art isn't meant to be decoded. Domestication is a personal document. Sure, the themes may be a bit universal, but how many of us know someone who asks about our sleep patterns? And as much as we've traveled, Life still nags. I want to know what keeps Bean (or any kidless person) in San Jose, of all places. I guess the statement that stands out the most to me in this album is "Don't tell me what I lose." off track one, 'Every Week'. She probably has something figured out. She's not dumb enough to stick around here for familiarity's sake. 
     For me, domestication is fine if I don't have to think about it. It shouldn't come natural to anyone. I'm afraid of what staying may mean. I'd like to have an exit strategy, but I lack motivation to manifest the abstract. Santa Clara County has proposed a mandated 30% decrease in water usage. Life nags.

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                                                                                                                             The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

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