Oct 3, 2012

Music Review: Frankie Rose-Intestellar

     Former Vivian Girls/Crystal Stilts/Dum Dum Girls drummer, Frankie Rose airs it out on her second album. She aims to guide listeners on a cosmic field trip and she hits her mark. Most of the tracks are synth-heavy, bass-foundational walkabouts and Rose doesn't have to project her voice much to achieve the desired effect. Most of the vocals register a slight notch above hushed, with over-dub and reverb used sparingly.
   This all would fit quite nicely on 4AD's late-80's roster. The Euros are still quite prone to sounding this way, but, in that Frankie Rose is an East-Coaster, she has distinguised herself with Interstellar. The last track, The Fall, is framed mostly with a cello and a Gibson Les Paul. It's a statement of confidence. She can succeed with any experiment applied.
                                               Verdict: 4 Bedpans




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