Oct 7, 2012

New Tracks: Girls Names

     Wanted to spotlight two new ones from one of the better newbies around, Girls Names. They caught my attention when they signed to Slumberland last year. They have some great pop sensibilites. Earlier stuff was super lo-fi, but as is now per tradition, most lo-fi sounders clean it up considerably with each sequential release. So too go Girls Names. Even if they kept the sound gritty, it would've been fine, but who's kidding who? This is how it's gonna sound to anyone seeing them live, so why not just keep the integrity of that? Good on 'em man. This new stuff is right up my alley. I am way too excited for their second full-length. Here're a few notes I had on each song.

     Sounds like early Cure. That shot, kinda-splash effect is especially effective. Love the guitar coming out of the verse, into the chorus. Absolutely love the drums in the end; that's a nice touch to close the song out.

Girls Names - A Troubled See by Tough Love

     Oh, boy! Big drum sound. Bigger than they've ever recorded. Cleanest bass, guitar, vocals they've recorded. Love the simple parts. Love the melancholic melody. Love when the synths emerge. Definately a driving song; driving or running. Could easily be used in a film; airy and cinematic. Lots of interesting textures added with the guitars towards the end. Lovely, man. Fills me with a quite joy.

Girls Names - The New Life by Tough Love

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