Apr 10, 2013

Music Review: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra-Theatre is Evil



     No matter what some may think *cough!* (I agree) of Amanda Palmer, there's no denying the chick can write a tune. Lots of music made by females in 2012, and this is by far my favorite. Leave it to the one who wears the most make-up, shows the most skin, and conversely, boasts an only competent voice to out-shine the rest.
     Theare is Evil is, firstly, FUN and secondly, mostly LOUD. Amanda likes to write pop anthems and we should be thankful for this 'cause a great anthem can uplift just as well as horrible ones have straight made me want to commit violence. She only allows the music to slip into superdramatic/morose territory on cuts like 'Trout Heart Replica' (Captain Beefheart reference), 'The Bed Song', and 'Berlin'. The other ten songs are bangers with 'Grown Man Cry' and 'Bottomfeeder' keeping mid-tempo time. Plenty of guitars here. I kinda never imagined her going in such a direction (she's usually manning some keys) but it works. I'd say it's a testiment to her songwriting ability.
     Amanda Palmer wrote another collection of great tunes. She likes to remind us that she grew up in Boston and that may account for how tough her skin is or why she seems whip-smart. Through it all, she ingratiates herself to her audience and I want to be her best friend by the time it all ends.
                                                  Verdict: 4 Bedpans

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