Apr 6, 2013

Adventure Time

Had I a sword, a shield, a helmet, shin guards,
A Crossbow & arrows, a pistol, a sniper rifle, a bazooka,
A tank, anthrax, coffee, cyanide,
Mescaline, a Global Positioning System, an alias ID, a machete,
A Rewards+ Platinum Card, Creedence tapes, a Game Genie,
The Bible, a Phoenix Down, a Life Alert bracelet,
Photos of loved ones (including Elvis Costello, Bill Cosby), pomade,
A finished script, KNBR AM 680/1050, a Moog synth, soap,
Dick Cheney's cell #, and 8 companions, I'd feel somewhat prepared.

I mean, as long as everything functions properly and
My companions stay loyal...
As long as I'm guaranteed 8 hours of rest every night and
We're given advance warning of any sink holes...
As long as every cop is aware that we're on some
Sort of official business and
Security clearance is confirmed...
As long as I don't end up winning the Power Ball lottery
Before our departure...

                                                 © Dull Lead 2013

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