Jul 9, 2014

Music Review: Radiator Hospital-Torch Song


     Here's a summer album for all the Pensive, Lovesick, and Forlorn among us. Sam Cook-Parrott's words paint vignettes of confused, unfortunate, lonely souls plaintively reaching out to whomever they hope might help. There's a lot to love for those who crave direct, introverted, hypothetical analysis.

"I see the way you look at me and the pain it brings" (Leather and Lace)
"I just stood there, bathed in the quiet." (Cut Your Bangs)
"You looked at me like I was your answer. I looked at you like you meant something." (Fireworks)
"The sad songs make me sadder as they're floating through the air." (Bedtime Story)

     Most of the 15 punchy, up-tempo ditties last no longer than 2:10 and Radiator Hospital loads each tune with as much as four instruments can play. Parrot's vocal delivery is very reminiscent of Tokyo Police Club's Dave Monks but never more so than on Just May Be The One. Not a bad thing. Friends of the band and twin sisters, Katie Crutchfield and Allison Crutchfield guest vocal on three tracks.
     Torch Song is a satisfying listen for anyone who enjoys exploring restlessness, inner turmoil and ever constant mind/heart struggles. It's all very honest and relatable, asking questions quite for sake of asking.

                                                                                                The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

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