Jul 16, 2014

Music Review: Rebel Kind-Today

     The ever-prolific Fred Thomas tends to surround himself with high-level-talent musicians. All his projects are experimental but quirky enough to be endearing. They would be simply pretentious if not for Fred knowing when to ease-off and fill-in some finely-tuned pop elements. Such a balancing act wouldn't succeed if not for confident bandmates.
     All three women of Rebel Kind are Thomas collaborators. They've worked with and apart from each other in various Fred Thomas bands. As much as they add sparkle to what Fred does, they're even better as a trio. Rebel Kind may as well be a super group. No one should argue against such sentiment after hearing Today. I rank Rebel Kind automatically above most all-female bands of past or present. I'd certainly choose Today over all of The Vivian Girls or Dum Dum Girls discographies.
     Nothing is complicated here. Overdubs are bare-minimal. It's very loose but confidently so. Today sounds like it was written in the space of maybe two weeks and it may have taken a dozen hours to record (by Fred Thomas). The melodies are highly addictive.  It's all rhythm here. No solos. The guitar sounds like an afterthought. Drum, bass and vocals are Today's stars.
     One minor criticism I'd like to point out is that track four, 'I See' is pretty much a 'Jane Says' ripoff. One outta thirteen sure ain't bad; highly forgivable. Here's hoping Rebel Kind's recent signing to Urinal Cake Records garners them the attention they badly deserve.

                                                                                                                             The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

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