Nov 1, 2014

Music Review: Burnt Ones-Gift

     I feel like MGMT should listen to Burnt Ones' Gift and hear a better sound than that which they've attempted. On Gift, Burnt Ones perfect a laid-back yet exuberantly dynamic take on psychedelia. It truly is music by which to check-out. The numerous and varied elements they use to construct each tune had me imagining colors oozing or spilling from all porous surfaces and guiding me to a warm, sandy grave in which to bury all my cares.
     The one constant in most of Gift's tunes is the rhythm section taking a far-off back seat mix-wise to guitars, keys, vocals, and whatever else they've chosen to throw at us. Upon first listen, I didn't notice the bass at all; it's very dubby/muted and atmospheric. Drums are more audible, but very minimal; lots of tom, bit of snare, and cymbals relegated to splashing. The only song that percussion plays a larger roll in is 'New Heroes of Subscription Services', as tambourines punctuate and wood strikes wood.
     'Pineapple Program No. 31' stands alone as a 1:18 of music that veers into a more chaotic/menacing direction on Gift. Otherwise, Burnt Ones offer much weightlessness. A bevy of cozy synths collide throughout, weaving a majestic tapestry that'd be a joyous addition to any abode, be it under or over ground. 

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                                                                                                                       The Verdict: 4 Bedpans

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