Oct 25, 2014

Music Review: Teenanger-EP LP

     Toronto's Teenanger slow the tempo down (in some cases, quite) a bit for their third album, 'EP LP'. They haven't lost their knack for finding inventive riffs (which sets them apart from their peers) and the bass on this one is so much heavier. Production is crisper compared with previous releases, albeit with a slight tinge of reverb. The sax solo on 'Twisted' is awesome; it's that of the reedy vomit variety. I want to know the story behind that 'cause it's such a great but singular* moment on the album.
     Teenanger remain one of Canada's finest due to their songwriting abilities. No one else I know of combines post-punk and thrash like they do. There always seems to be an airy, almost angelic, clean synth or guitar part buried in the mix on their earlier releases, accenting the front-loaded chaos. 'EP LP' may be a slight departure from thrash aesthetic but who will complain when the riffs are ever-intriguing. If this is their permanent new direction, so be it. Teenanger will never be found "at the loser convention" and their "name" will never "mean zilch".
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                                                                                                              The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

*I know sax solos have been used only once on albums by many artists before. For me, it's kinda sad to wonder why sax talent wouldn't be employed more than once on any given album. How'd the saxophonist convince the band to allow them a drive-by of sorts? 

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