Sep 21, 2014

Music Review: BRONCHO-Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

     If any band deserves to use an ALL-CAPS moniker, it's BRONCHO. In my estimation, they have replaced Spoon as the most swaggerlicious modern band I know. 'Just Enough Hip To Be Woman' is loaded with undeniable dance-floor material. Everything is so on-point here. This album has broken my damn barometer. I really don't anticipate any other 2014 release unseating its current place of dominance in my world. 

     Of course, my excitement begins with the very first track, 'What', sounding reminiscent of Bowie's 'Queen Bitch'.  The album as a whole hearkens back to acts like Dire Straits (MTV is even mentioned towards the end) and The Cars with keyboards, genius riffs, couldn't-possibly-be-more-tight rhythm section, loose and playful vocals. It's pop heroin, man. It's an album that I'd like to include in some sort of square ambush. When this thing is playing, everyone within earshot better cease whatever they're engaged with and succumb to its spell.
     I don't yet know where these five dudes live in Oklahoma, but they should be takin' over that state. Even The Flaming Lips can learn something from BRONCHO. Here's to this album being reckoned with for decades-to-come, including but not limited to, cuts being heavily-rotated at Thunder games. Bravo, BRONCHO, bravo!

         The Verdict: Unknown (Strongest Guess: 20 Quadrillion Bedpans)

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