Sep 30, 2014

Music Review: Yes I'm Leaving-Slow Release

     Plainly pictured on the front of Yes I'm Leaving's Slow Release is a collage of suburban tract homes with an assembly of human skulls looming largely above. ("This existence is death, man!") I imagine one of those nondescript garages contains a post-punk band wanting nothing more than to fulfill the promise of its name. Well, I personally haven't heard any post-punk (of recent) from Australia. It's currently a land that represents psychedelia and Nick Cave for me. So, I'll say, "Mission Accomplished, Yes I'm Leaving."
     For me, Slow Release really doesn't get any better than the first track, 'One'. It's a perfect Mission of Burma ripoff, complete with a rubber-band, thunderous bass; except with a second guitar and some swirly synth flourishes. The lyrics sound as if they're referring to both the band's name and the album's; "I had a vision/of you/now/one". The goal is transcendence. It's a sentiment of teen angst but men have visions whereas boys only have dreams. I really hope these dudes aren't ages 30+. I guess the narrative would be a bit comedic, for me, in that case.
     There're other lyrics on Slow Release that allude to small-town life and an anticipation of something more. Yes I'm Leaving is a talented band. Every song is tightly-woven save for the ending bit of Salt in which it's allowed to dissolved and then sputter out. Care Less is a pretty straight-forward, almost mid-tempo rocker. It doesn't sound as if it belongs on this album, sandwiched between the rest of more stylized fare. It's a lazy song by-design...Well, whatever.
     So I guess Slow Release is for anyone, young or old, who can identify with its cover art. It's not restless, it's determined. It's just saying its last goodbyes.

                                               The Verdict: 3 Bedpans

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