Sep 10, 2014

Music Review: Os Noctambulos-Corsica Garden

     Some things in life are so good they hurt to consider. Is it safe to believe in magic? If I'm being completely honest, the idea of a modern Franco/Anglo band sounding as if they came from mid-late '60s garage/surf/psych pop era isn't quite impossible to fathom. Plenty of bands try for this sound, but when one seems to nail it so precisely, it seems unreal, and the initial shock upon first listen is considerable. Is every instrument actually played so stylistically as to sound era-specific or era-authentic? Even for myself, it's bit hard to imagine this perfect sound existing in 2014. 
     "Take my hand. Take my wrist. 'Cause it scares me, what I might do." sings Nick Wheeldon on, perhaps, the best track on Corsica Garden, 'It Scares Me'. Those are convincing words considering Os Noctambulos have pretty much perfected their sound. Nothing on Corsica Garden feels the least labored. If this band can write such masterful pop tunes so seemingly effortlessly, is there any limit to their potential? It scares me to think of what the hell else they "might do". Os Noctambulos belong on a Wes Anderson film's soundtrack. I can undoubtedly state that they have the same chops as any heavy-hitting '60s pop band that I can name-drop. Not only that, but I will, from today forward, rank Corsica Garden among the best albums from any of that era. I don't think it's crazy to set this album alongside the greats. 
     For music lovers, Corsica Garden is nothing short of beguiling. Os Noctambulos have  set a new, bold standard for all modern garage pop bands.


                                                                                                                           The Verdict: 4 Bedpans

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